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Tanah Lot Bali

Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot are two of Bali’s most popular tourist attractions. Taman Ayun is a beautiful water temple, while Tanah Lot is a dramatic temple perched on a rock in the ocean. A typical Taman Ayun and Tanah Lot Bali tour will start with a visit to Taman Ayun Temple. Visitors can explore the temple grounds and learn about its history and significance. The temple complex is surrounded by a moat and features a number of pavilions and shrines. After visiting Taman Ayun Temple, the tour will continue to Tanah Lot Temple. Visitors can admire the temple from afar or walk out to the rock to get a closer look. Tanah Lot Temple is especially beautiful at sunset, when the temple is silhouetted against the sky.

It is a Half day excursion to those who seek an enriching experience of Balinese amazing story about Taman Ayun Temple which built in 17th Century and spectacular Sunset at Tanah lot.

Tanah Lot tour is a Bali Day tour as one of Bali excursions daily which is going to visit Tanah Lot Temple and Taman Ayun Temple. The Tanah Lot tour is starting in the afternoon with a visit at one of the most beautiful temples in South Bali, the Pura Taman Ayun. The temple was built in the 17th century by Prince I Gusti Anom. Literally translated the meaning is “Floating Flower Garden”, because the temple is situated in the middle of an artificial lake. Take a short walk through the complex and admire the impressive surrounding. Your last stop and highlight of this tour waits at the coast. The famous Tanah Lot Temple is one of the most important temples in Bali. Built on a small island in the sea it is a perfect place to enjoy an amazing sunset in a breathtaking environment.

This ‘Tanah Lot tour’ Includes:

  • Private air conditioned car
  • All applicable entrance fees and parking fees
  • English/German/French-speaking guide
  • Prevailing government tax & service charge

This ‘Tanah Lot tour’ NOT Includes:

  • Expenditures of a personal nature, such as drinks, souvenirs and etc.
  • Tipping for guide, driver and porter
  • All things not mentioned in the program


Taman Ayun Temple is located in the village of Mengwi, Badung regency, about 18 km to the west of Denpasar. This temple is very beautiful, in accordance with its name, which means temple in a beautiful garden. In addition to the Beauty, Pura Taman Ayun is also considered to have historical value, so that in 2002 the local government of Bali to propose to UNESCO that the temple was included in the World Heritage List.

Taman Ayun Temple is a Mother Temple (Paibon) for Mengwi kingdom. This temple was built by King Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu, in 1556 Saka (1634 AD). At the beginning, I Gusti Agung Putu build a temple in the northern village of Mengwi place to worship their ancestors. The temple called Taman Genter. When Mengwi has developed into a great Empire, I Gusti Agung Putu move eastward Genter Park and expand the building. Pura has expanded the inaugurated as Pura Taman Ayun on Tuesday kliwon-Medangsia fourth month of 1556 Saka. Until now, every Tuesday kliwon wuku Medangsia according to Balinese Calendar, in this temple held Piodalan (ceremony) to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of this Temple.

Pura Taman Ayun has undergone several improvements. Repair massively implemented in 1937. In 1949 implemented revisions to the kori agung, gate moment, and manufacture wantilan great. The third improvement in 1972 and the last in 1976.


Tanah Lot Temple Bali  is a sacred place of Hindu religion that has the beauty of the natural with the wonderful Sunset. Temple Tanah Lot Bali is located on the waterfront Tanah Lot and standing on a solid and strong sea rock, its western side there is also a temple called Pura Batu Bolong which also has a view that is not less beautiful.

Tanah Lot comes from the word “Tanah”, which means land and “Lot” (Lod), which means the sea, as it was located in the sea or on the beach to float when the water tide, therefore Tanah Lot means a country or island, which lies on the sea, the reason why people call Tanah Lot.

Pura Tanah Lot is located in the village of Beraban, district of Kediri, Tabanan, on the southern coast of the island approximately 25 kilometers from Denpasar. Pura Tanah Lot is located on the large sea Rock facing the Indian Ocean. The place of worship is a Hindu temple built to worship the Lord in His manifestation as a god of the sea or the god Varuna to the safety and prosperity of the world as well as the balance between the sea and the earth.